How To Sell Your Vehicle From Home

Are you interested in selling your vehicle but want to avoid the dealership? Landers Buys Cars has you covered. Our team is trained to take care of the entire buying process remotely! Whether you have the title in-hand or we need to pay off your loan, Landers Buys Cars will buy your vehicle without you needing to leave your home. Ask your Landers Buys Cars consultant if you live in an area that we offer remote buying.

You might be wondering how we can take care of the entire process without you needing to visit the dealership. The first step in having us purchase your vehicle is by submitting an appraisal form on our website’s homepage. From there, you’ll receive an offer for your vehicle in seconds or a member of our team will reach out to verify the information needed to put a value on your vehicle. Our offers use an algorithm stronger than Kelley Blue Book and other third party sources to make sure you’re getting the fairest market value for your vehicle. We’ll ask for pictures or a walkaround video to confirm the vehicle’s condition and make sure everything is as described. 

After your appraised value is confirmed, we take care of all the paperwork. You’ll submit your registration and driver’s license to a member of our team and they will get the paperwork drawn up and ready for you to sign. The paperwork goes out in a trackable FedEx overnight envelope to your address with easily marked locations for your signature. We include a prepaid return envelope so you can get the signed paperwork back to us as soon as possible. If you have any questions during any part of the process, our team will be available to answer all your questions so you can rest assured knowing that you are doing every step the correct way. 

Upon receiving the paperwork, we’ll either send out the payment to your lender or to you. We also work with your schedule to send transportation to your location to pick up the vehicle. If we send a payoff to the bank, you’ll receive an equity check as soon as we get the title back from the bank, if applicable. Our team will keep you updated on the process so you always know when to expect your funds.

Landers Buys Cars makes it easy to get paid for your vehicle! Start the process right now by submitting your no-obligation appraisal on the homepage of our website!