How We Value Your Vehicle At Landers Buys Cars

At Landers Buys Cars, we want to give you the fairest price that the market will allow. We aren’t here to make a killing on each vehicle. We want to make sure our customers get the best price for their vehicles and keep coming back to Landers to sell and buy each one. 

The first thing we need to accurately value your vehicle is the VIN number. The VIN is a key component that is unique to every vehicle that carries the history and options of that specific vehicle. Using the VIN, we can pull a CarFax and check all the service history as well as any accidents or damage that may have occurred during the vehicle’s lifetime. Cars that carry more options have higher sticker prices when new and therefore carry a higher value when sold. We can use the VIN to research the options the vehicle is equipped with.

The next aspect we look for is the current condition of the vehicle. A used vehicle is just what the name suggests, it’s been used. Even if you took great care of the vehicle, there is likely reconditioning that the vehicle needs before we can sell it to its next owner. Tires, brakes, and suspension components like bearings and bushings may need to be serviced when you sell it to us. The same goes for the cosmetic condition of the vehicle. It may need a few dings pulled out and a cracked windshield replaced. A few of these items must be taken into consideration when putting the accurate value on your vehicle so we know it can be ready to be sold for a good deal when we get it ready for its next owner.

Finally, we check the market to see what similar vehicles are trading for with like options and mileage. This gives us an accurate picture to make sure we’re giving you a competitive value for your vehicle while also making sure you’re getting our most fair pricing possible. Kelley Blue Book, NADA, and more are great to protect the consumer from the customer getting taken advantage of, but those platforms aren’t the ones actually paying the money to buy your vehicle. They are mostly accurate but use a small sample size of vehicles for sale in order to get the value you request. We make sure you’re getting the best value with real-time market data. Because of this, your value can sometimes even be better than KBB! Similarly, if your vehicle needs major reconditioning or a few repairs, we will have to account for that in its evaluation. Because each vehicle is unique, it’s best for us to see the vehicle to get your best price!

Have any questions about our process? Contact us at Landers Buys Cars for more information or to get started with your appraisal today!