How Will Landers Buy My Car?

At Landers Buys Cars, we want to buy any car! We’ll buy family sedans, three-row SUVs, lifted trucks, modified sports cars, and even that pesky car that won’t run anymore. We make the process simple and easy for our customers. No more waiting for a salesman to give you a value that’s too low at other dealerships. At Landers, we’ll pay you for your vehicle today! 

The first step of the process is to log onto our website,, and submit your vehicle for an appraisal. In most instances, you’ll get a cash offer immediately after filling out your vehicle’s information. In the event that no offer is provided, one of our expert buyers will reach out to get more information about your vehicle. 

Once we reach out to you, you can choose to bring the vehicle to one of our seven locations or schedule a mobile appraisal. We have on-site locations in Little Rock, Arkansas, Northwest Arkansas, Joplin, Missouri, and Norman, Oklahoma. If you prefer a mobile appraisal, we can pick up the vehicle from your house or location that is most convenient for you. Once we see the vehicle, drive it, and confirm it’s in the condition that you described, we can move forward with getting you paid!

If you have the title in hand and in your name, we can write you a check in as little as 30 minutes! If you have a loan on the vehicle, we will work with the bank to pay it off immediately and your payments will stop. If your vehicle is worth more than what is left on the loan, we will issue you an equity check as soon as we get the title back from the bank. That process can take up to 30 days just as how it takes a few weeks to get your paperwork in the mail after you purchase a new vehicle. If you owe more on the loan than the vehicle is worth, you will have to provide us a check for the negative balance that we can send in to pay off the vehicle and you’ll be free of payments!

Selling your vehicle is quick and easy with Landers Buys Cars. Contact us if you have any additional questions or click this link to get started