Purchasing A Pre-Owned Tesla From Landers

It’s no secret that Tesla’s are some of the most sought after vehicles in the market. Between their slick styling, futuristic features, and all-electric reliability, a Tesla is a great choice for nearly any driver! We buy several Tesla’s at Landers Buys Cars because there’s no better way to purchase one of the best vehicles on the market than from one of the best dealerships in the country! 

Tesla started mass producing vehicles in 2012 with their larger sedan offering, the Model S. Later in 2016, Tesla released the Model X which has room for up to seven passengers in a sloping SUV body. The Model 3 came in late 2017 and has been the hottest seller for the company! The latest vehicle to come from Tesla is a midsized SUV called the Model Y which has far surpassed the expectations of sales. No matter which model you choose, you can’t go wrong! There are different battery packs available for each model to fit your daily needs. Standard range offerings are great for daily use and long model models are excellent highway cruisers. 

You have peace of mind purchasing pre-owned because Tesla honors the original factory warranty as long as you’re within the year and mileage limitations. This is four years or 50,000 miles from the original date of purchase for the comprehensive warranty. The battery and powertrain warranty lasts for eight years and the mileage can vary for the size of battery pack in your vehicle. Tesla also offers mobile service so they can come to you to fix qualifying issues!

All Tesla’s have technology that makes you feel like you’re living in 2060. There’s no button to start the vehicle, you just get in and push the brake and the vehicle is ready to drive. All new Tesla’s are equipped with Autopilot that allows it to keep its distance from the vehicle in front of it on the highway, center the vehicle in the lane, and it also offers safety features like collision alert and blind-spot monitoring. You can upgrade to Full-Self-Driving to allow the vehicle to recognize traffic lights, automatically change lanes, and summon the vehicle to you in a parking lot all from your phone! The incredible aspect of upgrading the Tesla is that you can purchase the upgrade on a pre-owned model that is not equipped with it. Full-Self-Driving can transfer to the next owner if it was originally purchased on the vehicle but you can remotely add it via the Tesla app after you purchase a non-FSD equipped vehicle. 

Landers Buys Cars is your one-stop-shop to buy or sell your Tesla in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri! Contact us today if you’re ready to sell your Tesla!