What Sets Us Apart From Our Competitors

What makes Landers Buys Cars different from our competitors? Easy – everything! We make sure you’re not only getting the best price for your vehicle but we also make sure you’re getting the best and easiest experience possible. Head over to our homepage to get your no-obligation estimate generated now!

We base all our offers on our online evaluator. We have put a lot of time into making sure our offers are strong and competitive to the market. Above all, we make sure the price you’re getting for your car is market-based. By making sure you’re getting the market price for your vehicle, we take into account all the options that the vehicle has and what other similar models are trading for. This value can sometimes even be higher than Kelley Blue Book!

Several companies are offering to pay cash for your vehicle and pick it up from your house, but we do it differently. We make sure you’re getting treated fairly and with respect. We don’t bother you with calls, texts, and emails trying to get ahold of you. We will follow up after you submit your appraisal to see what we can do to help you sell your vehicle and the rest of the process is up to you!

We make sure the vehicle is as described, with no additional issues, and we let you choose if you’d like to drop it off at our buying center or we can pick it up from your home or work, location permitting.

We take care of all the paperwork with the bank and make sure your vehicle gets paid off correctly and efficiently. You won’t have to mess with anything! Following the paperwork, we make sure you’re paid promptly and the title process gets expedited.

Have any additional questions on how we’re better than Carvana, Vroom, Givemethevin, Sell2Nelson, and more? Contact us today and we will be happy to assist you in selling your vehicle!