When Is It A Good Time To Sell My Car?

Ask anyone and they will all tell you a different answer when it comes to the right time to sell your car. No one has the perfect answer because everyone’s timing is different. Sure there will be times that it will be easier to sell your car, but with Landers, it’s always a good time to sell your car.

As the saying goes, “your car will never be worth more than it is right now” is completely true. As cars age and you continue to put miles on them, they decrease in value. The depreciation curve hits every vehicle differently. For example: if you were to purchase a brand new current model year luxury vehicle, it would only be worth about half in three years. However, there are a few vehicles that hold their values extremely well and even hold awards for high resale value. Those vehicles include the Toyota 4Runner, Jeep Wrangler, and most 4×4 trucks.

Some drivers have the luxury of choosing when they are ready to get rid of their vehicles but other drivers may not be so fortunate. Whether you want the newest model with the best features or you don’t want to put any more money into your old car repairs, Landers will be there to help. Many factors can go into wanting to sell your vehicle. At Landers, we understand if you want to sell out of convenience or out of necessity.

At Landers Buys Cars, we make sure to give you the full market value of your vehicle regardless of what the books say. We want to make sure you get the best price for your vehicle no matter the time you choose to sell. Input your vehicle specs into our calculator to get your no-obligation value today!